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Investment Themes:
Theme 1:  Inter-connected Global Markets

- Demands on Real Assets and Commodity Bullll Market

- Selling to the Emerging Countries

Theme 2:  The Coming of the Global Consumer Economy

- Internal Consumptions in both Developed aaand Delveloping Countries

- Favor companies that have - new products///new business models/new technologies/new and unique experiences - that can faciliate their interactions with users


"Foundation" comprises of less volatile stocks with steady long term growth potentials

"Rotation" covers stocks with higher medium-term growth potentials but also of higher volatility, tactical adjustment with more frequent rotations accotrding to seasonal patterns, cyclical favors, sector rotations and/or economic cycles.

Percentages of "Foundation" and "Rotation" differ with clients or accounts, adjustments are based on clients' investing horizon, risk tolerance and objective.

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